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10 Halloween Party Themes You Can Throw For Fancy Dress in 2017

By Emma Till October 14, 2017 0 comments

If you’re having trouble with your Halloween themes at your next party, there are several you can use to adapt to the fancy dress of your choosing.

It’s important to get the theme correct when you’re throwing a fancy dress Halloween party because, as they say, the devil is in the details, and you want it to be perfect for your guests.

So, you’ve picked out your favorite fancy dress costume, now you’ve got to create the perfect setting for your guests. The best way you can do that, be the talk of the town, and have your party guests enjoy your shindig, is to create a theme they’ll never forget.

Here’s 10 quick Halloween party themes that will keep them on their toes and get the party started.

#1 - Frightening Flicks

Get inspired by your favorite horror films with this Halloween party theme and give your guests free reign to dress up in any style from this genre they want.

From Dr. Frankenstein to the Scream series, you’re sure to see at least one scary costume at this party.

#2 - Matching Couples

If you’re having a party where a lot of couples are involved you can organize matching Halloween outfits for couples.

Allow your guests to get creative. As long as they go together and match in some way, they can come to your party. It’s a great conversation starter and you’re sure to get some laughs as each couple describes how they came to the conclusion of their costume.

#3 - Era Party

Love the 1920’s? Maybe you’re more into a futuristic world and would prefer your party to be set in the year 2187? Whatever your taste, an era party is always a big hit for Halloween. Fancy dress can be the foundation and the creativity you will find is awesome.

#4 - Ghost White

This is an all white color scheme which speaks to your guests coming as ghosts for your Halloween party. Only white is allowed and since we’re talking ghosts, they can come in all shapes and sizes with their costumes.

Having skulls on the tables are a nice touch to set the mood of the party, and the ghost costumes are a must!

#5 - Mad Masquerade

Create a Mardi Gras style event at your next Halloween party with a masquerade of your choosing. Choose your mask carefully and also grab a few extra to be placed as table decorations as well.

#6 - Medieval Mantra

This is straight out of Monty Python’s Holy Grail as your guests will come as their favorite medieval character straight out of this time period.

Renaissance fair costumes are a great choice as well as chain mail armor and long swords. You can take your home or party location and decorate it as an old medieval castle of the period.

#7 - Fairytale

If you have friends who love the fairytale genre you can put this party in full swing. Dress up as fairies or Disney princesses. Villains and sweethearts are both welcome at your party which means a lot of long flowing gowns and crowns.

#8 - Somewhere in Time

This is where the guests can dress up as any time period they want. It’s not limited to a specific era or time. It’s all in play for this party!

Each space around your party location should be decorated in a different time and place to make this more effective for your guests. Costumes like the flapper dress and 50’s poodle skirts work well as great ideas.

#9 - Color Party (Probably Orange)

Since it’s Halloween, you’re specific color party more than likely needs to be the color orange. But hey, who are we to tell you how to plan your party? Pick a great color every guest will enjoy and go for it.

For this party theme idea, each guest will dress in the color of your choosing and come in their best outfits and costumes.

#10 - Haunted House

This is more targeted toward the decoration of your party than it is what the guests will wear. Go full swing with the decorations by creating a Haunted House feel throughout the entire party area. From electric chairs to thick cobwebs, make your party scene as scary as you possibly can to make a great feel for the guests.

Which party theme did you like the best? If you’re thinking about being the host of a party this year, these ideas will go a long way to make your Halloween party theme a huge success.

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