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10 Popular Fancy Dress Costumes For Women

By Emma Till June 18, 2016 0 comments

top ten fancy dress costumes

Got invited to a masquerade and don't know what to wear?

Browsing a myriad of options makes your head spin?

We have done the job for you. Take a look at the most popular fancy dress costumes that will suit girls of all ages. Browsing this shortlist will be a fun experience and you'll definitely find what you've been looking for.

  1. Princess

At least once in her life, every girl dreams of being a princess.

Even if your dream never came true, this is a chance to get as close to it as possible. The advantage of such costumes is their length and volume. They look amazing on women of all shapes and sizes.

You can add all kinds of accessories, such as crowns, tiaras, and silver or golden shoes.

  1. Witch

Want to show your dark side while staying beautiful and sexy?  A witch costume will help you do just that.

The black color will make you look slender and elegant, while a pointy hat will allow you not to worry about the hairstyle.

The main advantage of such a costume is that you can get a simple black dress (that most women have in their wardrobe) and just buy the hat and a broom to complete the image.

  1. Angel

Feeling like an angel? An angel costume is what you need. Beautiful white dress with golden accessories will make any women seem angelic.

Add white high heel shoes, wings, and a halo and you are ready to show off your angelic character.

  1. Alice in Wonderland

Read the book or saw the movie? An adult Alice in Wonderland is a really mysterious character. She will have a fancy dress with a low neckline and high heel shoes.

Think about bright bracelets and necklaces, as well as headbands and cuffs. There are many different Alice costumes out there. Some have to do with a mad tea party, while others create an impression of utter innocence.

  1. French maid

Most women dream about looking sexy, while men are secretly hoping to see their wife or a girlfriend in one of these fancy dresses.

A French maid is a classical costume that will surely make you shine. Thigh high white stockings and a headpiece are a must. Live your dream or make someone's come true!

  1. Girl from the 20's

The 20's era is a very popular theme at different parties for a good reason. The 20's fashion was really impressive and quite memorable.

You can find a regular red, blue or black dress and complete the image with some compulsory accessories, such as a cigarette holder (even if you don't smoke), headband and feathers.   

  1. Disney character

Whether you've been invited to a Disney themed event or have always dreamed of looking like Jasmine, Cinderella or Snow White, these types of costumes are for you.

Voluminous dresses, beautiful shoes, and high hairstyles will all make you feel truly regal.

  1. Cleopatra

We've all heard amazing stories about Cleopatra. Becoming a Pharaoh for at least one night will make you feel really special.

Such costume is very easy to find and it will fit absolutely any woman. Don't forget large golden accessories and flat shoes.

  1. Fairy

Magical creatures have always been popular at different parties. Women look great in fairy costumes.

You can check out short dresses with wings, magic wands, and headbands. Fairy costumes vary from sexy to elegant. There are a lot to choose from. One of the greatest options is Tinker bell.

  1. Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a very bright character and the costume always makes a great impression.

It might seem complicated, but it really isn't. Most of the stores will sell the full costume. All you need to add is white tights and black shoes. This fancy dress looks great on young girls as well.

Choose one of these costumes and you will definitely love the way you look. These themed fancy dresses are a hit at every party. There is no need to go out of your way finding something absolutely extraordinary.

Classics are always a solid choice. They are easy to find or make on your own.

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