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What Fancy Dress @ Emmas Wardrobe is all about.

By Emma Till May 14, 2016 0 comments

  • Emma’s certainly isn’t the biggest online fancy dress shop, but we do have every intention of being the best! Our Master Plan involves giving you the best in the business in three ways:

    Provide the highest quality costumes and accessories on the market today. Of course, we don’t mean hand tailored, real silk with14 carat gold buttons. That isn’t really what people want. People want a well-made, sturdy costume that will wear more than once without falling apart and doesn’t look ‘cheap’.

    That’s what Emma’s does best.

    Offer those high quality items at an extremely good price. Whilst people want high quality dressing up costumes, they really don’t want to be paying a fortune for them. In reality, these costumes get worn only a handful of times, so you can’t spend as much on them as you do ‘real’ clothes! 

    We don’t skimp on quality, but we have developed direct relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, letting us give you the quality you demand at a price that will surprise you.

    Make the entire buying experience perfect for you, even if something goes wrong. Customer service is easy when everything goes right. If you order the right size, the manufacturer did everything right and the deliveryman didn’t drop the package in a puddle or anything, any company seems to have excellent customer service. 

    The real test comes when a mistake is made. They do happen, even to the best of us. When something does go wrong, we bend over backwards to make things right for you as quickly and painlessly as possible. If your party is the day after tomorrow, we understand that a replacement that arrives next week is no good to you at all. We really do try to make everything all right, and we don’t make you raise a fuss to get the service you deserve!

    If we can do all that every time, we should be ruling the world… er… be the biggest name in online dressing up costume sales by this time next year!

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