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3 Accessories You Don't Want To Leave Behind This Halloween

By Emma Till October 01, 2017 0 comments

Are you getting ready for the Halloween season yet? So many people look forward to this time of the year because of the night life fun you can have with your friends.

One of the biggest challenges you will more than likely face this Halloween is finding a costume which compliments your style and personality. (Hint, if you need help, take a look at our selections)

Once you have finally picked out the best costume for your party most people forget about the time required to make the costume look great. With that comes accessories.

Accessories can be the life blood of your fancy dress outfit and you don’t want to leave your house this Halloween missing an important part of your style. Here’s 3 accessories you don’t want to leave home without while wearing your fancy dress.

#1 - Elbow-Length Gloves

Whether you’re riding a broom in style while rocking your favorite witch costume, or you have decided to portray a princess, long gloves are always a great addition to your fancy dress outfit.

Elbow length gloves, or longer gloves of your choice will share your more classy side. They will also compliment the dress you’re wearing at your next halloween party with their sleek, fabulous design.

These gloves come in many different forms and styles and you can choose the best options for the costume you will be wearing. Simply don’t forget the gloves this year!

#2 - Stockings or Tights

While most of the fancy dress costumes for halloween are full of class and style, they also leave room for the imagination. Whether your dress has a long slit up the side or you have chosen a more shorter version for yourself, stockings or tights are always a great accessory.

What we love about this option is stockings and tights come in many different fashion choices. You can choose fish net stockings, thigh highs, or anything which will make your fancy dress costume stand out with sexiness and style.

#3 - The Perfect Hat

For most women, a hat is the furthest things from their mind when they choose their Halloween outfit. However, depending on the costume of choice, you can make the fancy dress go very far when you couple it with the perfect hat.

Wearing a western outfit, burlesque, fairy, or witch costume this year? Don’t forget to grab the hat add on to complete the ensemble to make it exceptional for your style.

If you’re worried about hairstyles, you can also adjust accordingly and grab a hat hair bow. This allows you the option to fix your hair beautifully, while also wearing the hat of your choice. Now you don’t have to worry about having hat head during your party. The hat hair bow is a popular choice this year among fancy dress wearers who want to show off their style.

So let us know which costume you’re wearing! And don't forget to check out our latest styles in our shop!

Remember, don’t forget about the accessories because they can make or break your outfit. You have a lot of choices to make before Halloween gets here and you might as well start now. Let us know if you’re having any problems with your wardrobe and we can help you.

Do you have any suggestions for accessories? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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