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3 Fancy Dress Ideas For Halloween in 2017

By Emma Till September 16, 2017 0 comments

This Halloween season you should think about getting a jump on your fancy dress costume before every idea is taken!

For most, Halloween is a time when you can get together with friends and family to show off your new outfits in style all while having a great time doing it.

We have found three of the best fancy dress ideas for you to wear this Halloween, and each of these three are genre’s of a larger group so it’s always a good idea to take further notice and search our favorites.

Here they are..

halloween fancy dress ideas for 2017

#1. Fairytale Fancy Dress

Women with all kinds of different style favorites will find something they can wow the guests at the next party they attend with these fairytale fancy dresses.

Who doesn’t love a fairytale princess? From Alice in Wonderland to the Queen of Hearts, you’re sure to find a sexy fancy dress that suits your style for Halloween this year.

We personally love the Mad Hatter costume because you can pick and choose from different variations to show off your personality.

Take some time to don these fancy dresses with character by adding jewelry and other additions to your outfit. You can make or break your outfit with the accessories you choose. People notice the little details and these are perfect to accessorize.

#2. Burlesque Fancy Dress

If you want a fancy dress that will stand out at your next Halloween party, the burlesque fancy dress is definitely a great option for you.

With it’s sexy lace and knitting, this outfit will compliment your body to the extreme and leave everyone at the party wondering where you got this outfit.

Plus, the best thing about this fancy dress, is you don’t have to just wear it one time for Halloween. The burlesque dress has many features and options and you can also wear this for different occasions as well.

#3. Cruella deVil Fancy Dress

If you’re looking for a costume which will exhume style, comfort, and class, look no further than our animal print (was that Dalmatians?) Cruella deVil fancy dress.

Show off your evil side with this sleek outfit which will flatter your figure. Combine this with a wild hair piece, elbow length gloves, and an oversized cigarette holder in your hand which is sure to make every puppy within 5 miles head for the hills.

Each of our fancy dress costumes are made with you in mind. We have some of the widest ranges in sizes and comfort and we know these fancy dresses are going to be your top pick this year for your next Halloween party bash.

Do you have a favorite we didn’t mention? We would love to hear about your next Halloween costume idea in the comments! Let us know what you’re thinking!

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