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5 Costume Ideas to turn heads this Halloween

By Emma Till September 11, 2017 0 comments

Are you wanting to create an obsessive and sexy reaction with your Halloween costume this year?

If so, picking a fancy dress outfit will be the perfect choice for your closet.

Fancy dress costumes fit your style and class, and, if you’re someone who is obsessed with every little detail about your beauty, they will go hand in hand with your personality and style.

We have been scouring the internet for the 5 perfect fancy dress outfits just for you. You’re not like everyone else. A little of this or that won’t do. You have to have it just right. And that’s okay! We understand your obsession with wanting everything perfect, which is why we have found the 5 best fancy dress costumes for your wardrobe this Halloween.

#1 - The Wicked Witch

Surprisingly enough, the witch costume is one of the most popular go-to options for someone who is looking to impress their guests with their costume.

While the wicked witch is usually thought about with a black attire, you can play this a couple of different ways. We recommend you use your creativity to enhance the persona of your favorite wicked witch or simply make up one as you go along.

Who says the wicked witch costume had to be black? If you’re not feeling the black vibe you can choose an array of colors which suit your needs. Just don’t forget the necessary items to go along with it - high heels, hair accessories, and evil jewelry which will compliment your fancy dress wardrobe.

#2 - The Robin Hood

Who wouldn’t like to see Robin Hood as a woman? We were excited to bring this line of fancy dress options to your Halloween wardrobe this year because it’s exciting and spunky.

The Robin Hood is a short fancy dress which will liberate all of your favorite qualities of your body. The thing which sets it apart from any other costume you will wear this year is the material. Forest green with a touch of white lace will have your beauty obsession at peace.

#3 - The Gypsy Woman

At first thought, a gypsy woman is mysterious and sexy. For the darker haired females this option will work best for you because it works with your overall dark skin tone and features.

The gypsy fancy dress is a great option because you can have it one of two ways, short and sexy or long and flowing. Pick your favorite options but be warned, both will have you looking great at your next Halloween party.

#4 - The Great Hair Style

One can get so caught up in deciding what to wear on Halloween that hardly any time or thought is put on the hairstyle which will work best with the fancy dress you choose.

Having a great hairstyle is the best accessory of all and it will compliment whichever outfit you decide to wear. Now, depending on what costume you decide on, what should your hairstyle be?

Here are some great tips we found for Halloween hairstyles:

#5 - The Grey Flapper

One of our personal favorites for Halloween is the Grey Flapper Girl Dress. This outfit is timeless and can show off your favorite assets at your next Halloween party. What we like best about this outfit is while it can still show off your style and class, it doesn’t have to have a lot to make it work.

Simplicity is the key to this dress, and, unlike most fancy dress costumes you will find, you won’t be searching for a ton of accessories to go along with it. Just like the good old days back in the 1920’s, less is best and it will say more about your costume choice.

In Conclusion

These are the 5 best costume choices we found if you’re a person who is picky about what they wear at Halloween parties. We get it. We really do. You don’t have to be like everyone else, showing up with the same outfit on as other people. Break out of the mundane with these 5 great options for your fancy dress party!

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