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5 Hen Party Ideas To Dazzle Your Friends

By Emma Till July 17, 2017 0 comments

hen party ideas

Are you a modern woman and understand what the finesse of a hen party brings to your social status and surroundings?

Whether you are the queen cluck or not, I have some great ideas to create a dazzling party that will astonish and entertain your fellow ‘hens’ and keep them cackling for months to come.

First of all, let me explain what a hen party is. In the simplest of forms, a hen party is a bachelorette party. You’ve more than likely been to a few of these over the years and you have sat through some while stifling yawns and looking at your watch.

The whole reason for these helpful tips are to eliminate that from ever happening should you have the good luck (or is it bad?) of being charged with the responsibility of throwing an awesome hen party for the bride. You also have the option to receive more great tips like the one’s below in your inbox! 

#1 - Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is one of the more popular hen parties going for the past couple of years.

Your girlfriends will love it because it allows you to adhere to the fancy dress policy of the night life. Aside from having a great time looking fabulous, your hen party will be instructed by a professional to make and taste some of the hottest new cocktails on display across the globe.

Got a taste for the history of cocktail making? Most cocktail party hosts will also share the knowledge of the rich history of bar stools, cocktails, and lounges. The cocktail party isn’t the only thing you will do that night, but it’s the perfect way to start a fantastic evening.

#2 - Conduct a Photoshoot

Have you ever wanted to be dressed up in fancy attire and model the newest designs?

Secretly, most ladies dream of this but sadly never get the chance to be dolled up for the camera in a professional setting.

Things you will need:

  • Professional/local photographer
  • Location Fancy dress and/or costumes
  • Hair and makeup
  • Accessories, Snacks, & Drinks

Creating the opportunity for your bride to be center of attention with a photoshoot will not only make for a great evening, but will also include everyone of you in attendance.

#3 - Vintage Tea Party

Bask in the glory of your perfect surroundings with your closest friends and your favorite tea.

Don’t forget to check out that hot guy across the cafe either! Bringing the hens to the public eye is one of the most sought after activities of the bride’s party. Having afternoon tea is a great excuse to give the bride to be that sophisticated day which oozes class and style.

It is also a fantastic way to change the pace of your hen party and day out as it gives the whole group time to relax for a bit before heading off to the next destination.

#4 - Destination Hen Party

Sadly, not many bridesmaids get to be part of something so amazing!

A destination hen party is just that, a destination. But while most hen party destinations include a ten mile trip to the nightclub, a real destination party crosses oceans and breaks barriers, and shatters the expectations of the bride and her girlfriends.

Some of the most popular places to have a destination hen party are as follows:


Branch out into the historical with a trip to London. London is a popular place among hen parties for their prestigious shops, drinks, and fun places found in peculiar locations.


Benidorm is the home of over 800 nightclubs! Your hen party will not have time to participate in everything you see at this fabulous destination.


Full of bicycles, art galleries, canals, and coffee shops, Amsterdam will get your destination party kicked off in the right fashion

#5 - Vintage Dress Party

While this may be the first you’re hearing about a vintage dress party, this type of party has been in style since the 1920’s.

Centered around fancy dress of an earlier time, women have a blast keeping it vintage and going out on the town. The only question is, which century will you choose for your hens to display?

The dapper 1920’s, the roller skating 50’s girl, or the swinging 70’s chick. Whatever dress you decide to choose, your party will definitely have a night to remember when you take your town back in time with your vintage fancy dress.

I Want To Hear From You!

Do you have a great hen party idea that you would like to share with our community?

Here at Emma’s Wardrobe, I make it a point to make your fancy dress needs easy to understand and reach. We are always here for you and I want you to know I would love to hear some of your ideas for a great bridesmaid party!


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