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Get Ready for Halloween - Top 5 Costume Ideas

By Emma Till August 28, 2016 0 comments

Halloween Costumes

There are two most popular occasions for wearing a themed fancy dress. One of them is Carnival of Venice and the other is Halloween.  Dressing up for Halloween is a long-standing tradition. Halloween (All Hallows‘Eve or All Saints‘ Eve ) is one of the most popular celebrations in Ireland. However, it is also a part of British and USA tradition. In the recent years, it even made its way overseas. Now Halloween is celebrated in many western and Scandinavian countries, as well as some eastern ones that have cultural ties with the USA such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Halloween is also part of Australian and New Zealand tradition. It is a fun festivity that appeals to adults and children alike. One of the most important parts of Halloween preparations is choosing the right costume. When 31st October is near, masks and accessories can be found in almost any store. Halloween preparations should be started early on. In fact, you can choose a costume that will not only be suitable for this celebration, but will become a centerpiece of your next theme party.

Most of the Halloween costumes are not very hard to make. There are DIY options such as mummies created by strings tied around one's body or faces colored with different paint. However, most of the more impressive costumes need at least some accessories. They can be reused for a theme party or become a part of another costume for the next Halloween. Those who think that this celebration is all about ghosts and witches will be really surprised when browsing the available costumes. Choosing the right style is easy since everything is possible when it comes to Halloween. You can be wicked, evil, scary or hilarious, glamorous and even sexy. There are several themes you can consider when choosing your perfect Halloween costume:

Movie Characters

Choosing your favorite movie character and sporting his or her costume at a Halloween party is a great idea. The most popular characters are superheroes, such as Superman and Batman. Many people prefer the image of Jack Sparrow and a ghost buster. There are also many costumes available for Star Wars lovers. You will make a real impression by choosing the character of the most popular movie of the past year.


Pirates is a great theme for both Halloween and other fancy dress parties. The main advantage of such costumes is their variety. There are many to choose from for both men and women. Women can go for pirate hats and long voluminous skirts and men can sport the classical ruffled shirts and black pants. There are many different accessories that come with pirate costumes. Boys and girls will appreciate guns and swords of all shapes and sizes. Women pirate costumes can vary from fun to very sexy.


If you are not into standard options and really want to make an impression, think about humorous costumes that can really make your day. You can choose from fruit costumes to marshmallow man and cry baby options. Simpsons characters are also very popular and funny choices. Dressing like food, usually makes a great impression as well.

Scary And Spooky

Regardless of the vast choice, the scary and spooky Halloween costumes are usually the favorites. Popular options are skeleton suits, ghost and witch costumes, mummies, rag dolls, scarecrows, Chucky, zombies, headless horsemen and etc. A real spooky fancy dress is always an amazing hit and will definitely turn some awed heads or will even make people gasp.


If you want to save some money, you can opt for just purchasing the accessories. Witch hats, different masks, knives, fake blood and so on will also do a great job making up a believable Halloween costume. There are also simple images that can be achieved by painting your face. You can opt for a ghost costume or a “death” garment that are easy to make using sheets and ropes. You can also exchange your last year's costumes with your friends or family members. In any case, if you use your imagination and are not afraid of some work, your Halloween costume will truly be impressive.

Choose one of the available categories and then look through the options. Most of the time you will find something that catches your eye.

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