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How To Get Invited To Parties (And One Tip For When You Aren't)

By Emma Till June 25, 2019 0 comments

get invited to parties

Do you find yourself spending time alone while others go out and enjoy the nightlife?

If so, you need to get on the invite list for some exciting parties! I want to share some of the best ideas you can use in order to attend more parties, functions, and events.

These are very simple to start and even the shyest person can do them. One thing is for certain, you can use one or all of these tips and start to see the party invites flooding your mailbox sometime in the near future.

#1 - Join a club or activity

There are plenty of social clubs and activities happening around your area this week. Some are listed in public places like school houses, bars, and town squares. You can also find some of these activities in your local newspaper.

Pick out one of these clubs or activities to join or participate in. Make sure it is something you enjoy or care about. The one thing you don’t want when you join a social organization is to be bored. Have you ever wanted to join that social club around the corner from your flat?

This is the perfect time to do so.

Clubs allow you to have a voice which is magnified through the other members of the club. It’s a great way to build social relationships in your life.

Basically, you are looking for a social hobby which will build your rolodex and your relationships. Most of the time, a couple of these people will remember to send you an invitation to their next party.

#2 - Be Where ‘They’ Are

One of the best ways to get a coveted invite to someone’s party is to understand where they hang out.

This could be a coffee shop, rock climbing institution, bookstore, or another social setting. If you admire someone and would like to build a closer relationship with them, you must create the opportunity yourself.

Think about how you make friends. You make friends by showing yourself friendly, and also by holding the same interests as other people with whom you would like to be friends with. You can’t pick your friends, and I’m not trying to tell you that is true, but I am simply saying when you go to a certain place in which you enjoy, there’s a chance you may stumble upon someone else who shares your interests and you hit it off.

Even if you’re shy, you can go up to a person and start a conversation. Chances are, they’re not going to walk away. Pretty soon, you will begin seeing them consistently, and you begin to continue talking to them.

After a while, it becomes evident this person is asking you about party decorations for their next event.

#3 - Use Your Connections

There is always that one person who knows one of your friends and they forgot to invite you to their party.

The next time you’re with that mutual friend, bring up the topic of the party and ask them something about it. More than likely your friend will extend an invite by way of mentioning you to the party host.

Your friend vouches for your party skills and just like that you have your invitation to their party. But what happens if they don’t invite me? That’s one thing I wanted to address…

#4 - Throw Your Own Party

If you have been actively engaging people in your social circles, there’s no reason you can’t be the one to throw an awesome party for the group.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot and everyone else will be wanting in on your gig. So how does this happen?

Remember, as a party host, it is important to keep yourself in a social setting so you can share your ideas for your upcoming party.

Rule number one: Have fun guests.

No one wants to attend a party where everything is drab. Everyone knows those two or three people in their life in which they have to invite to make the party fabulous.

Invite those people and talk them up.

Rule number two: Start introducing people before the party begins.

Doing this allows the guests to get over that weird first meeting silence at the party.

So the next time they see each other, they will be at your event and will remember. It gets the intro’s out of the way.

Rule number three: Everyone’s a rock star.

When you welcome people into your party, you have to give them the royal treatment.

Everyone is a rock star when they show up on your doorstep. Give them a reason to feel special. When you make people feel important, they never forget that.

Which means they will probably be asking you about next year’s party before they leave.

Rule number four: Don’t run out of food and drink.

Don’t commit the faux pas of party hosts.

One thing you should always remember is to stock up on plenty of finger foods and drinks for your guests. You don’t have to have fancy food, but you should have a lot of other stuff there.

Just make sure you focus all of your parties on the guests and how they are enjoying themselves while they’re there.

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