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The Amazing Costume Design of Popular Films

By Emma Till February 13, 2017 0 comments

Throughout the years, people have been encouraged to attend costume parties based on popular films of that year.

There are some who love pulling out the least known character in these films and then dressing up like them.

The more obscure they are, the better the costume. I don’t know about all that, however, I do understand they don’t want to be attending a party dressed like someone else.

I want to share with you some of the popular costumes of films these past years and has always been a hit at costume parties all over the world.

#1 - Disney’s Frozen

The Frozen film has kept its popularity within the costume community.

Everyone loves the character Elsa from this Disney box office hit. Designed by Giaimo with the help of Jean Gillmore created the look of this beloved would-be villainous character twist.

Giaimo says, “It is important to capture the behavior and emotions of the character in order to produce the correct costume which has both flair and style. Just because you have a favorite doesn’t mean it will work for this particular setting.”

There were two costumes for Elsa in this film. The first being long, flowing, and regal. Showing her fake side, and then the costume she changed into after she left the castle to live in the icy peaks of the mountain.

The essence of a costume must distribute your personality.

#2 - Star Wars: Rogue One

Producing over one billion dollars in the box office makes this film an instant classic.

Of course, Star Wars has some hard core fans and if you don’t get the costume right, they will let you know about it. I loved the intricate simplicity of these designs in this film.

There is absolutely too many to talk about so I’ll just share my favorite. My favorite character is a man by the name of Chirrut Imwe, a blind man who appears to use the Force exceptionally well, but you learn he isn’t really a Jedi.

First of all, his drapes were inspired by early Italian clothing. His long flowing robes make it easy for him to move around and experience the Force the way he needs to.

Accompanying these dramatic looking robes are belts and layers which make this seemingly safe character, feel more sinister and threatening. Next, they add Chirrut’s staff.

The last piece to the costume puzzle. His staff is an extension of his body and if you want to build a costume around Chirrut Imwe, don’t forget this accessory.

#3 - Disney’s Moana

Pronounced Mo-anna, this filmed jumped into our hearts and our sons and daughters began to fall in love with it.

Moana is going to be a huge costume choice for Halloween and other parties this year. The designers of Moana’s costume wanted the viewer to have a sense for the fabrics as well as how it helped construct the story as it unfolds.

Moana was an adventurer, she was someone who didn’t want to simply stay in one place and live a monotonous life.

The materials of her costume had to not only match the historical perspectives of the time frame, but also give her a sense of excitement and character.

From the snail shell embellishment to the slit in the front of her skirt, Moana has been making things she has found while stranded on her island.

The costume is very basic, even caveman looking. Bov’e, the costume designer for Moana says “I needed to make a costume which exemplified her character and personality. That’s the most important thing.”

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