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Top Choice For Burlesque and Wild West Costumes

By Emma Till August 06, 2017 0 comments

burlesque and wild west costume

Are you looking for something a little more sexy for your next costume party?

If you’re ready to put on a show at your next event, and don’t want to risk showing up with the same outfit as someone else, the burlesque Wild West fancy dress is exactly what you should be wearing.

You will be able to step into the center of attention with this dress because of the fun and flirty aspects which come along with the costume. Let me share more about the dress with you.

About the Burlesque Wild West Dress

Just because you have chosen to wear the wild west fancy dress doesn’t mean it’s only for western parties. You can wear this as a Moulin Rouge costume, cabarets, or even as a dress up date with your girlfriends.

This is true to the style of dress women wore during these times and the ruffles give the entire outfit it’s head to toe burlesque look of a woman about the town.

Short in front, long in back, the lower half of this outfit is fun and flirty and will definitely make people turn their heads when you enter the room. The bodice is a strappy bustier, and this corset-like garment is a different color from the bottom half of the dress making it the perfect choice if you want to stand out in the crowd.

The bustier gives you a lot of options with accessories which we will talk about in a minute. Add all of this with a masterful effect from the ruffles of the dress and you have a complete ensemble which you will look great in.

Top this whole outfit off with a hat and you’ve got a great burlesque costume.

Best of all, this fancy dress comes with a matching hat which means you don’t have to go out and look for one to complete the outfit. If you are looking for a costume which will make you look and feel great and is easy to accessorize, the burlesque wild west fancy dress is for you.

How To Accessorize

The great thing about this costume is you can accessorize it very nicely. Let’s go down the list and help you with some accessory ideas.

The first thing you need to think about is your head. What kind of accessories will you wear? Will you fix your hair in a high up-do, accessorizing it with headbands, bows, or other decorations?

That is always a great way to accessorize this outfit.

You can choose to accessorize your hair around the hat, which is true of the time period.

The funnest part about accessorizing this outfit comes from the neck. With a low neckline, you can wear complimentary jewels or feather shawl, or simply do both. You can really go all out in this space. Sequins and jewels are the best bet.

Since the lower half of the costume is short in the front and longer in the back, it means you will be able to show off your amazing legs.

Accessory of choice would be thigh high stockings which still allow some space between the stocking and the lower part of the dress in front. However, you can decide to not have stockings or nylons at all and still make this work well.

Remember, the shoes will help bring this outfit together and you need to have a pair of heels which are both comfortable and sexy. You will feel both sexy and comfortable when you do.

What do you think?

If you need an outfit for your next fancy dress party, the burlesque wild west dress is the way to go. I love it because it is flirty and exhumes your personality in a big way.

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