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Turn Heads With The Perfect Great Gatsby Costume

By Emma Till October 14, 2019 0 comments

There is no era as well known for its iconic fashion as the roaring twenties. In fact, the styles of the 1920s have experienced a revival in modern times due to popular shows like the gangster family epic Peaky Blinders, the Downton Abbey drama and, of course, the glamorous Great Gatsby. With luxurious textiles, deep colours, and Art Deco accessories, it is no wonder that these styles are often replicated at Great Gatsby fancy dress parties. 

Centred on freedom, 1920s fashion broke away from the prim and proper Victorian trends and instead opted for comfort and style. However, what made the 1920s fashion so iconic was not comfort; it was the delicate blend of all the elements coming together. So if you’re looking for the perfect Great Gatsby costume, read on to find out how you can put together the perfect ensemble.


The first image that comes to mind when thinking of the roaring twenties is that of thin, loose dresses with a rectangular shape. These elegant drop-waist dresses form the foundation of the perfect Great Gatsby costume and flatter the female figure. The decoration on dresses varies from shimmering sequins and delicate embroidery to a thin belt draped around the waist. Opt for a sophisticated black sequined dress to embody the grace of a 20s diva or go for something brighter such as a red Flapper Dress.


Before this era, women usually wore long dresses and lace-up boots that hid their feet. Along with the rise in fashion freedom, ladies of the 20s revelled in revealing their feet in chic new footwear. While there were many different shoe styles available to women, the two most popular styles for evening wear were the T-strap and the Mary Jane. The T-strap allowed the shoe to fit snugly but also revealed some skin (stocking) and had varying heel heights. 

With a single strap or ribbon across the vamp, the Mary Jane style was a trendy dance shoe in the roaring twenties. If you want to turn heads at a Great Gatsby fancy dress party, you will easily find Mary Jane shoes as the style remains accessible to this day. To fit in with a Great Gatsby theme, choose neutral colours like black, white or brown. However, feel free to decorate the heel with rhinestones, sequins, or even hand-painted patterns as this was a common trend.

Hats and headwear

Headwear formed an integral part of the fashionable 20s woman’s outfit and should also be included in your Great Gatsby costume. The bell-shaped cloche hat was the most popular style and would often be adorned with flowers, feathers or Art Deco geometric designs. However, for evening events ladies would usually add some sparkle, like the beautiful rhinestone headband that Daisy wears in the film. Depending on your dress, you can wear tiaras, hair combs, headbands or a beaded skull cap. If you’re not sure which accessory suits your costume, go for something that includes headwear like this dress and feather headband combination.


Your Great Gatsby fancy dress attire is not complete without the appropriate accessories. Fortunately, the accessories of the 1920s embody class and offer a wide variety of options. Pair a long bead necklace with long gloves and headband. If you’re feeling flashy, don a feather boa alongside an Art Deco brooch and cigarette holder. Chokers are also popular accessory ideas. Keep in mind that stockings form part of the entire ensemble and need to be neutral or match the colour of your dress.

Where to get your Great Gatsby costume

If you’re attending a Great Gatsby theme party and want to be the belle of the proverbial ball, look no further than Emma’s Wardrobe for the perfect Great Gatsby costume. Should you be more of a Peaky Blinders fan, you’ll love this American Gangster fancy dress costume. Made using only the latest manufacturing techniques, our fancy dress costumes are high quality and durable. With one of these costumes, you’ll be doing the Charleston like a pro.

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